Monday, April 5, 2010

Video on St. Pete Beach - What Amendment 4 could do to our community

In November, Florida voters will be making a decision that has major consequences for your business. It’s called Amendment 4 and if it’s passed, it will mean lights out for Florida’s economy. Please take two minutes to watch this important web video on St. Pete Beach—the first community in Florida to adopt a local version of Amendment 4

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  1. The Amendment 4 / Hometown Democracy campaign's claims that St. Pete Beach has "nothing to do" with Amendment 4 are way off base.

    St. Pete Beach's "Hometown Democracy-style" land use regulations share the same flaws as Amendment 4, i.e. they require a referendum vote on ALL comp plans/amendments. St. Pete Beach votes adopted these regs by a vote of the people in 2006. They were a disaster, and, BY A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE, we repealed those HTD/Amendment 4-style regs by an overwhelming margin.

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